Function create_config


def create_config(config_str)


Instantiates a config class object


Lines 72-95 in anyfig/

def create_config(config_str):
  ''' Instantiates a config class object '''

  registered_configs = figutils.get_config_classes()
  if config_str not in registered_configs:
    err_msg = (
      f"Config class '{config_str}' wasn't found. Feel free to create it as a new config class "
      f"or use one of the existing ones {list(registered_configs)}")
    raise KeyError(err_msg)

  class_def = registered_configs[config_str]
  _, required_args = figutils.find_arguments(class_def.__init__)

  # Required arguments aren't allowed
  err_msg = (
    f"Can't create config class '{class_def.__name__}'. Config classes created by the 'anyfig.init_config' "
    f"function or through the command line can't contain required constructor arguments. "
    f"'{class_def.__name__}' has the required arguments '{', '.join(required_args)}'"
  assert len(required_args) == 0, err_msg

  return class_def()

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