Module figutils


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check_allowed_input_argumentRaises error if the input argument isn't marked as "allowed"
default_config_attributesDefault attributes every config class instance will have
find_argumentsReturns the arguments and required arguments for a function/class
get_allowed_cli_argsReturns the attribute names that can be be overwritten from command line input
get_configReturns the config object that is registered with anyfig
is_config_classReturns True if the config class definition is registered with anyfig
load_configLoads the config from file
post_initRecursively calls the post_init method on a config and it's attributes
register_config_classSaves the config class name and definition
register_globallyRegisters the config with anyfig to be accessible anywhere
save_configSerialize and saves the config
unregister_config_classesUnregisteres config classes with anyfig


Variables (

dictionary registered_config_classes = {}

dictionary global_configs = {}


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